Personality and Temperament

The Blue Heeler, Red Heeler, Queensland Heeler and Australian Cattle Dogs as a whole are more than an intelligent and lively breed that are eager to please their owners.

Known for their agility, they are busy, courageous, determined, independent and strong. Red Heelers are highly trainable and are often used as working dogs for ranching and herding.

Australian Cattle Dogs are also known for their loyalty and affection towards their owners. Their sparkling personality makes them great family pets. In addition, they are incredibly gentle and patient with children.

Note: As herding dogs, they can be inclined to herd or round-up younger children, so it is important to train the dog not to do so.

A small boy playing with several Mini Blue Heeler puppies
A small boy playing with several Mini Blue Heeler puppies

Training the Australian Cattle Dog

When training the Australian Cattle Dog, it is important to use positive reinforcement techniques, favored high-value treats, and lots of praise, even a favorite tug toy or ball for rewards.

Red Heelers are eager to please their owner but can be highly sensitive and even stubborn at times. If they feel they are being treated unfairly you aren’t going to get much done during that session.

Harsh training methods won’t get you anywhere with an Australian Cattle Dog and can even hurt the trusted bond with its owner. If things aren’t going well, or you aren’t in the correct frame of mind, then it is best to hold off on your training session.

The Protective Red Heeler

Despite their friendly and loving nature, Red Heelers can be protective and territorial, especially towards strangers. They are very devoted to their family and this makes them great watchdogs and guardians.

They don’t miss much going on around them. Early socialization and training are essential to prevent them from becoming aggressive or shy and overly wary. Early and on-going socialization is very important for the Red Heeler.

They are not a breed to be ignored, they require lots of attention especially as younger dogs.

A small boy playing with several Mini Blue Heeler puppies