Queensland Heeler Physical Characteristics

The Queensland Heeler is a medium-sized dog that stands 17 to 20 inches tall and weighs between 35 and 50 pounds. AKC standards say that ideally males are between 18-20”, and females are between 17-19”. They have a muscular build and a sturdy frame, making them an excellent working dog. Their compact medium size makes them perfect for going everywhere with you. Australian Cattle Dogs are also known for their erect triangular ears and almond shaped intelligent eyes.

Blue Heelers have a short, smooth coat that is blue or blue-mottled with black masks and few body spots, and some have tan markings on their chest and legs. Red Heelers are red-speckled, or mottled with darker red masks and body spots.

Queensland Heeler striking a pose for the camera
Queensland Heeler striking a pose for the camera

Bentley Star

One of the most common physical characteristics Queensland Heelers are known for is the “Bentley Star” or “Bentley Mark,” a patch of white hair on the forehead that can be found in both red and Blue Heelers. The size of this patch can vary, ranging from just a few hairs to a larger spot. It’s important to note that the absence of the Bentley Star is not considered a flaw.

Legend has it that the Bentley Star is linked to a dog owned by a Mr. Tom Bentley, who was renowned for his exceptional breeding qualities. In addition to the white blaze on the forehead, the occasional black spot at the base of the tail in blue dogs is also believed to be a characteristic of Bentley’s dog.